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How do I update payment for my auto-delivery?Updated a year ago

Need to update your payment information? No problem! Simply login to your TULA account to view your auto-deliveries, and select 'Edit' under the 'Billing' section. This will open up a new page where you'll be prompted to send an email to your inbox so that you can securely update your payment information. 

When you get the email, click the 'Confirm Payment Information' button to enter your new payment information. Once you enter your new information select 'Update Card' & verify that your information saved successfully. This billing information will apply to all of your TULA auto-delivery items & future orders. 

Still having trouble? Get in touch with our support team at [email protected] or give us a call at 844-545-1236 and a member of our support team can assist you with updating your payment information.

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