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Do TULA products contain live probiotic cultures?Updated a year ago

Great question! In our skincare, we do not use live cultures as it’s basically impossible for them to stay alive through the skincare manufacturing process & survive on the skin, so it is unlikely they can deliver the intended benefits as a result. The good news is, we don’t need live cultures to have a beneficial effect on the skin. The probiotic extracts we use in our formulas are designed for safe use in topical skincare & have been clinically proven to restore skin’s natural radiance, improve hydration & smoothness, & calm the look of irritation. Plus, this means you don’t have to refrigerate your TULA skincare products!

In our supplements & ingestible products, we do use live cultures as studies have shown that live cultures are safe, can survive all the way through the manufacturing process and to the gut's acidic environment & have a beneficial effect. 💙  

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