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Everything you need to know about TULA products!

Do TULA products contain live probiotic cultures?

Great question! In our skincare, we do not use live cultures as it’s basically impossible for them to stay alive through the skincare manufacturing process & survive on the skin, so it is unlikely they can deliver the intended benefits as a result. T

Are TULA products for me?

TULA is clean + effective skincare powered by probiotic extracts + superfoods to help you feel confident in the skin you’re in.  We offer products formulated for optimal skin health that are great for all skin types, skin tones, and skin goals. Ready

Are TULA products fragrance free?

We totally understand everyone's preference for fragrance will vary. We have a number of products that are formulated without fragrance, & products that are formulated without synthetic fragrance (meaning there is no synthetic fragrance added to the

Are TULA products gluten free?

Thanks for asking! To view our products that are formulated without gluten, click here. Please note that our manufacturers are not certified gluten-free. Because of this, there is a chance that the machinery may have come into contact with gluten or

Are TULA products non-comedogenic?

Although all of our products are clean & effective, only some have been tested and certified non-comedogenic. To view our non-comedogenic products, click here.  Not sure what non-comedogenic means? These products are formulated specifically to not cl

Are TULA products vegan?

While all of our products are clean & effective and certified cruelty-free, not all of our products are vegan. To check out all of our vegan-friendly formulas, click here. 💙

Can I use TULA products if I'm pregnant or nursing?

Firstly, congratulations from all of us at TULA!  Many of our customers have enjoyed using TULA products through pregnancy & while they're nursing, but because everyone's experience can be quite different, visiting your doctor for a personal recommen

Do TULA products need to be stored in a fridge?

Great question!  You do not have to refrigerate any of our products. When it comes to our ingestibles, we are using live cultures that are capable of surviving in the supplement & gummy form, from the manufacturing process all the way to your gut. As

Does TULA provide samples?

We don't have samples available, but we understand the importance of trying products before switching your routine! That's why we have a flexible (and free!) return policy. Take some time to give our products a try. Not in love? Just click here withi

How can I get a personalized TULA routine?

Everyone's skin is unique—so we recommend taking our quick & easy Skin Quiz as a first step. The Skin Quiz will allow us to learn a bit more about you & provide personalized product recommendations based on your skin & lifestyle. Still have questions

Does TULA offer wholesale discounts? Can I sell TULA products?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer wholesale or professional accounts & hope you continue to enjoy TULA as a customer! 💙

How are TULA products tested?

Our products are tested by third party, independent laboratories to ensure they are safe, effective, and potent. Once we’ve curated the perfect good-for-you ingredients & developed a formula we know you’ll love, we start our rigorous testing process.

Are TULA products cruelty-free?

We never have & never will test on animals. We’re proud to be certified cruelty-free by the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 🐰.

In what order should I use my TULA products?

Great question!  We’re here to keep it simple. A general rule of thumb is:. If you have additional products & aren’t sure when to use them in your routine, send us a message at [email protected] & a member of our support team will help!.

Are TULA products clean?

Why choose between skincare that’s good for you and skincare that works? We formulate with ingredients that are healthy for your skin- probiotic extracts, superfoods + powerful skincare actives that work. Our approach to clean formulation is simple:

What are probiotic extracts?

A breakthrough in skincare innovation, probiotic extracts are powerful ingredients that can help improve skin’s natural balance, nourish skin to improve hydration & smoothness, & soothe skin to calm the look of irritation when applied topically. They

What if I have really sensitive skin?

We got you! Although many of our products are suitable for all skin types, we know how hard it can be to find products that are effective & do not irritate your skin. Keeping this in mind, we developed products specifically for our glow-getters who h

When is the next product launch?

Spill the beans & take the fun out of it? Nice try!. The best way to stay up to date with all things TULA is to make sure you’re subscribed to our email and SMS lists & following us on Instagram & TikTok & have joined our free loyalty program, 24-7 R

Where does TULA ship?

TULA.com ships to all 50 United States & Puerto Rico.   We also have a Canadian & UK site. Not in the US or Puerto Rico?  Hi glowbe getters! Currently, TULA does not ship internationally, but we’re working on expanding our international experiences,

Are TULA products safe for children & teenagers?

We carefully select the best ingredients for our products to be gentle on your skin. However, with children & young teens, we recommend visiting a dermatologist first. We always include the full list of ingredients on every product page, so you can c

Do TULA product(s) melt/dry/freeze/expire?

Great question! As part of our testing & development, we ensure all formulas remain efficacious in various temperatures & weather conditions. This ensures that no matter what your package endures on its way to you, it arrives safe, sound & ready to u